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Team and Partners

R&A maintains an efficient and experienced team having qualifications in Accounting, Taxation, Engineering, Law and Business Management. The staff maintains a high standard of service and has the requisite experience and exposure. In addition, we have affiliates who are experts in the fields of Technology, Engineering, Marketing and other related areas.

R&A's high quality of services is the outcome of hands-on involvement of seniors in all important tasks; regular internal reviews; respect for client’s knowledge, skills and feedback; preparedness to respond to client queries outside the formally defined scope of work.

Our team represents a combination of leader - managers who carry with them more than three decades of experience and young individuals who are enthusiastic, eager and add dynamism and freshness to the established practices. This unique blend of experience and novelty, applied and conceptual knowledge, adds several dimensions to our understanding and approach of all critical issues. With a grounded foundation and an innovative outlook, we have the confidence to explore constantly changing environments and business cultures.