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As the business ecosystem continues to evolve, information has become a strategic asset which empowers an organization to take sound and informed business decisions. The availability of relevant information like market potential, competitors’ strategy, company's product or service positioning etc. has become a critical success factor.

R&A have been instrumental in collating, analysing and providing timely, reliable and accurate information which supports the client's business decisions and serves as the foundation for strategic planning. The objective is to provide clients with the means to prosper and achieve their greatest potential.


R&A renders services for big and small industrial projects for existing as well as new businesses. Its service offering is a powerful combination of financial industry experience, proven methodologies and technical expertise.

R&A understands the importance of delivering timely and reliable financial planning and financial analysis solution for the smooth functioning of any business organization. R&A assist clients in identifying the obstacles and opportunities, understanding business and market trends and taking strategic financial decisions.

Some of the advanced financial analysis services R&A provides include:

  • Financial planning and analysis,
  • Financial statement analysis,
  • Financial ratio analysis,
  • Preparation of financial statements,
  • Balance sheet reconciliations,
  • Budgeting solutions,
  • Generating reports and analyses to support resource allocation and decision making.

With R&A's experience and knowledge, the management of its client company derives the ability of driving its financial performance while being responsive to changes in the market place.


R&A assists organizations of all shapes and sizes, to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of constantly changing business environments that are becoming increasingly complex. R&A helps its clients react with agility to create and take advantage of opportunities and to mitigate threats by delivering performance improvements services which enable them to gain and preserve their competitive advantage.

R&A's aim is to make client organizations more responsive to change in their respective industries and markets. Its high end analytics and advisory services equip its clients to take maximum advantage of the emerging opportunities.

R&A's performance services team has experience of a wide range of industry sectors and they use this knowledge to deliver IT-enabled, business transformation and operations improvement services.

R&A adopts a collaborative approach, working alongside its clients to offer practical guidance on:-

  • Design and establishment of Performance Management Systems
  • Application of Business Intelligence initiatives
  • Creation and implementation of business strategies to enhance financial performance
  • Simplification and standardization of finance operations
  • Optimization of cost and capital structures
  • Change Management Services
  • Human Resource Management Services


R&A's Strategic Business Consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining systems and processes, reducing organizational risk, leveraging the organizational model and prioritizing investments.

R&A has worked with clients in a wide range of industries to help them leverage their core competencies and strengths.

R&A engages in extensive research to come up with strategies for corporate planning, business diversification, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, brand value enhancement, corporate image building etc.


A spate of high-profile business failures and the emergence of tougher regulations have put organizations under pressure to manage financial risk more effectively. Client organizations have to be aware of the necessity to manage credit, market, liquidity and operational risk. They also need to maintain sufficient levels of economic capital to address and mitigate the business risks.


Risk avoidance is the most effective way of managing risk. Given R&A's background, experience and technical expertise, it has accomplished significant risk minimization for all of its clients in every facet of business.


R&A strives to consistently deliver sound and practical risk reduction and loss avoidance advice of the highest quality to clients. R&A is committed to delivering needed services, tailored to the client's needs, rather than selling established services without any regard to need. R&A believes in adopting the legitimate goals of the clients as its own and in providing its clients with the means to achieve those goals.


R&A offers its clients a range of legal assistance services related to drafting and vetting of documents.

R&A uses its extensive experience to provide assistance to its clients in drafting.

  • MOUs,
  • Shareholder's Agreement,
  • Partnership deeds,
  • Trust deeds,
  • Legal and trade agreements,
  • Joint Venture Agreements,
  • Tripartite Agreements,
  • Other legal agreements, affidavits,
  • Powers of attorney,
  • Wills
  • Family settlement Memoranda and Documentation,
  • Bye-laws for societies.


Significance of family-run businesses has grown and today, many family businesses have stepped beyond their footprint to acquire companies in new industries and new geographies. Family businesses need to plan strategically for both aspect's the family and the business. While family businesses can boast of advantages over non-family businesses, they have their own unique set of challenge.

With vast experience R&A assists families in

  • Succession Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Continuity Planning