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R&A’s Turnaround Services mainly focus on conducting detailed financial and strategic analyses to assist companies in revitalizing their operations and helping them recover.

R&A has the knowledge and expertise to assist its clients in achieving the complex and dynamic turnaround and reorganization. R&A advises management on the restructuring and turnaround process and financial and operational issues, thereby, helping an organization restore confidence in its lenders, creditors and investors.

R&A has the requisite skill and resources to address the growth challenges experienced by companies.


In the face of extremely complex, unpredictable and constantly changing business risks, R&A works to preserve its client’s corporate image, commercial viability, and other key business aspects.

R&A devise and implement policies, procedures and strategies that are designed to minimize the impact of a crisis. R&A helps build strong and smart organizations that are capable and resilient enough to recover gracefully from a crisis. R&A guides its clients in developing emergency/crisis plans, establishing systems for ensuring business continuity and carrying out quantifiable risk and vulnerability assessments.

The services offered are as follows:-

Business Recovery Services

R&A is instrumental in assisting its clients in their business recovery efforts. R&A provides services to overcome distress of financial difficulty, excessive debt or poor liquidity. In times of crisis, R&A’s experts can be deployed to provide strategic counsel and tactical response.

Independent Business Reviews

When a company is underperforming, is in distress or crisis, R&A undertakes a tailored, objective assessment of the situation and resources. R&A’s rapid and rigorous review process scrutinizes financial performance, operating dynamics, asset deployment and management issues. On the basis of its assessment, R&A develops several alternative strategies and then after weighing the options decide on the most appropriate approach.


R&A’s restructuring practice can help solve complex problems that may pose a risk to the company’s value. Working alongside lenders, stakeholders and all levels of management, its professionals plan and deliver restructuring actions that provide real improvements to the cash flow.

R&A’s Restructuring professionals provide an opportunity for underperforming businesses to stabilize and implement a process of strategic, operational and financial change. The aim is to turnaround the performance of a business and to help generate outstanding and lasting value for the stakeholders.

R&A has in-depth experience across a range of sectors and geographies and an understanding of the challenges involved in delivering complex, cross border restructurings and insolvencies. Some of the related services that R&A provides are as follows:-

  • Operational Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Debtor or creditor driven formal restructurings
  • Cash and Working Capital Management
  • Lender Advisory
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Exit planning and implementation
  • Solvent reconstructions and liquidations

Business Assessments

R&A has broad capabilities for business assessment, fact-based understanding of industry value chains and the forces that drive them, strategic settings, competitive advantage and positioning, and business models.

Most of its strategic assessments begin with a business assessment to identify the critical issues faced by its clients and to understand their current competitive environments. This offers a starting place from which to assess future sectors, industries, players and competitors.

Financial Distress

Many businesses face tremendous financial difficulties. R&A recognizes the signs of such distress and provide solutions to all the obstacles.

R&A has highly experienced professionals who will provide remedies to all types of financial distress, which includes bankruptcy, lender management, managerial preference, financial slack and many other related problems.


In today’s world successful businesses don't have the time or resources to get into litigation. Businesses need effective dispute resolution which is fast, just, simple, quick and effective. R&A has built a dispute resolution system which is based upon these very principles. Whenever its clients need an effective dispute resolution, whether via arbitration or mediation, its consultants provide the best business advice.

R&A's dispute resolution practice group represents clients on an ongoing basis in intensive litigation from trial to all levels of appeals in all adjudicative and judicial forums in India. R&A has handled significant Arbitration Proceedings in India. R&A’s dispute resolution team consists of experts who are adept at being the Arbitrators in cases of industrial/business disputes.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016(the Code), appears to be an effective, timebound mechanism for dealing with the problem of ever-escalating non-performing assets (NPAs). The Code seeks to maximise the value of assets and give a boost to entrepreneurship by creating a conductive financial and regulatory ecosystem to ensure repayment of long–outstanding debts. The code will go a long way to balance the interest of all stakeholders and build up a robust economy. However, it brings along a host of tax, regulatory and commercial concerns:

R&A professionals having the requisite expertise, offer the following services:

  • Conducting Financial, Commercial, Tax and Legal due diligence of potential targets.
  • Structuring the mode of acquisition of the target.
  • Review the resolution plan from a Tax and Regulatory perspective.
  • Post –acquisition integration support.